ďAbove the Grounds of a Broken HeartĒ

I always wonder when the rain pours down

If I could catch one of your tears

Hold them in my heart so tight

Like I have been for many years

I donít know why I still get so sad

On certain days that pass me by

After all these years you have been gone

I still hold my head and cry

Sometimes youíre even in my dreams

And I wish I would not wake

I also wonder what happened that day

Along that trip you had to take

You left so soon and left so fast

I guess it was your time to go

I wonder if you can see me now

And to have gotten the chance to see me grow

A young fourteen with no hopes and dreams

Just a shattered left broken heart

I wish I couldíve given you one more hug

Before the day we had to part

Merry Christmas, I still try and smile

With gifts I would not touch

I left them all beneath a tree

Under lights that cried so much

I went upstairs into my room

A poster of Led-Zeppelin on my wall

How I held my head and cried so hard

Watching all my tear drops fall

My Mom she was in her room as well

With whimpers and sorrows so lost

Broken hearts with phone calls made

A price so not worth the cost

Fathersí Day, again no more

With another card I cannot send

Writing down all my pain and grief

Along with a heart I cannot mend

As I sit here beneath a sky so blue

So beautiful yet so sad

Thinking about all the things weíve done

And how much I love my dad

You were a dad unlike no other

And mom says Iím just like you

As my eyes they water while writing this down

Hoping that ever is so true

I was so very young at the time

A young but grown fourteen

Trying to learn my rights and wrongs

Trying to understand what a life should mean

We tried to forget and bury the pain

But it still rose up from the grave

A little girl who was ever so scared

Though stood so tall and brave

That night I remember like yesterday

With Mom coming home alone

Trying so hard to hold back her tears

With a broken heart made out of stone

I donít know how she stayed so strong

Perhaps she locked her feelings up with a key

I wish I couldíve bought me a spare

And to have had one made for me

I get through my days with memories

Memories made far from the past

The smiles, the love, a family of five

The good things in life that never last

I keep those thoughts in me alive

Along with all the things weíll never do

I still carry your heart wherever I go

And don't forget I love you too

I am a little one like you

Oh how I stand with pride so tall

Even when I feel that I canít go on

Or cannot live my life at all

You may be as free as that bird

Looking down with a smiling face

The tears that drop on a rainy day

Falling down from a special place

I know I will see you again someday

Up in Heaven where the Angels fly

Above the grounds of a broken heart

Where there are no tears to cry

Aithor: Renay LeSoine