Advent of an Autumn


Landscapes chill in morning dew
As I collapse into you
Greenery fades into slumber
Slowly receding its reach
Your gentle touch merges
Blossoming my spirit
As a dance of solstice arrives
In natures wonder scape

Winds chill in their warmth
Wafting northern winds
From the heavens
Run upon my skin
Offering an autumn chill
Laced upon the air
As your lips meet mine

Exploring a mystery
Within a change
As your hands
Flow as wine
Into my divine

Nature sighs its goodbye
Readying for its siesta
As your hands encompass
My body melting in yours

Touching gently…
Discovering passion…
As we gently fall succumbing
To a seasons ending blush

Leaves renovate from greens
Within flowing colors of orange
Tinged in dazzling reds
As you begin to arouse
Corporeal senses
Enhancing our realm around

Divans of foliage
Marked in splendor
Cradle our obsession
In its hidden hues

Nature bows its goodbyes
As you uplift me in desire
Peaking our passion
Within an
Advent of an autumn breeze

Author: KimmyJean