Again and Again


Lay me down before you
Displayed in skin tones
Of silken ecru hues
Touch my virginal essence
Within your fingertips
Flowering me in bloom
Exposing a fervor truth

Come to me in want and need
Stroking embers of sensuality

Caress your hands across me
Kneading cool skin into warmth
Feel an inner passion grow
Expose my body
As I moan for you

Dip me in fragrant oils
Glistening in ecstasy bliss
Cascading its fragrance
As you lay your lips upon me
Within an open kiss

Delving inward to hidden caverns
Exploring an unknown obsession

Run your tongue across my lips
Tasting my mouths sweet desire
Urge a response of corporal fire
As a moon shines it luminosity
Across a silken bed

Run your tongue across my chest
Suckle my tender breasts
Peaking and hardening
As I arch to your inner song

Notes of sensual desire
Overtaking all sensations

Bring my tentative hand to you
Guide me into an exploration
Of a sinuous manly form
Let me take your splendor in
Learning what beguiles you

Let me run my hands down
Gently bringing my fingers
To feel your manliness
Rising in its intention
As it grows in erection

Reach inside a hidden burn
Drawing upon your milky seed

Let my lips explore creases
Pulsating in gentle jumps
Growing in its size
Bulging into a shiny smoothness
Bursting within veins of purple
As you reach zeniths
Of no return

Let us drink into each other
Moving to a sweet rhythm
Peaking in engaging harmony
Falling into a crescendo
Of a ever consuming abyss

Lay me down before you...
Again and again...

Authur:  KimmyJean