A Heart Lives Here...


Gaze up into a mystic sky
Releasing thought waves
Beyond illusions of serenity
Traveling a shamanic journey
Reaching into everlasting souls

A heart lives here...
Steadily beating a harmony
Of tranquility...

Black roses wafting hypnotic fragrances
Easing into catatonic planes
Delicate trails of smoked white
Float in temperamental fluctuation
Atop fluttering butterfly wings

A heart lives here...
Gradually beating a synchronization
Of silence...

Induced visions materialize
Within shadows of dawn
Painting deep violet pallets
Upon dark blue stratospheres
Exploded into a cosmos of time

A heart lives here...
Slowly beating an accord
Of peace...

Tides of oceans ebb and flow
Bouncing lunar illumination
Transversely upon lucent skin
Merging definitive spirituality
Into an eminence of continuation

A heart lives here...
Progressively beating an agreement
Of serenity...

Touch begets touch
Melting inside lusts desire
Budding virginal petals
Enriched by insignias passion
Beseeching to endure

A heart lives here...


Author: Kimmyjean

Copyright 10/13/08