A Little Boys Prayer

I was walking by my son's room,

He was kneeling by his bed,

I stopped so I could listen,

And this is what he said.

Dear Lord please make my mommy,

Understand why Daddy died,

Please stop my mommy from crying,

I'll stay here right by her side,

Please make my mom happy,

The way that daddy did,

Please listen to the prayer,

Of a sad and lonely kid.

I know you're very busy Lord,

And you have to rest awhile,

But if you hear my prayer,

Please make my mommy smile.

After he was finished,

I tucked him into bed,

He said "I love you mommy"

And then I kissed his head.

I thought for just a moment

I knew what the Lord had done,

The war took his Daddy from us,

But he gave to me, his son.







Author: Alice Donetelli



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