An Echo

A mantle of darkness
Has befallen our dominion
Blocking a sunlight
That once was warm
As a comet rides
Its fiery red flames
Bouncing within a universe
Self made for mankind

Its lingering illumination
Held byway of entombment
Sparkling explosions
Within our sky
As shrieks echo
Deep within
Caverns of eve

We turn our heads in shame…
Denying what we are not told

Claiming innocence
Although it is seen…
Unwrapping of the
Seven seals begin

We bathe ourselves in blood
Immersed by capture

Reaching beyond points
Of an internal circle
Placating ourselves
Into hopelessness
Of heresy and faith
Leaving us in disparity
Lost in a forevermore

Stallions neigh their message
Held inside our hearts
As their riders of four
Spill upon us…
Palmed by our
Torment and desolation
As an army from heaven
Gathers for war…

Brother to brother
We claim to be…
Neglecting our dying souls
Plagued by indifference
Held within arrogance
Leaving them unaccompanied
Sacrificed to demons
Upon pathways from hell

Ignorance of genuineness
Lays upon our essence
Weighting our reality
Turning away…

Hark unto a seraph
Fallen from ebony skies
Resounding a message
Falling upon silent ears

Crying tears of loneliness
As humanity becomes
… An
Reverberating …
Within depths of silence
Forever lost amid
Dimensions of sublime


Author: KimmyJean