As Lambs We Flock...

Opportunities ride upon a wave
Attainment for those it can save
Wandering misplaced in illusion
Looking for a creation solution

Fragrances of rosemary and thyme
Lingering for translation and rhyme
Bursting open in aromatic appeal
Sealing its hypnotisms in surreal

As lambs we flock…
Waiting for our slayer
Spilling innocent blood
To feed a torrent river
Guiding to Hells Lake

Ebony ravens fly…
Soaring up high
As we swathe truth
Held within a lie
Exposing our women
As sensual harlots
Cascading them in
Red and scarlet

Beckon unto our internal child
Whom are unashamed and wild
Playing a game of life in death
Held with each striving breath

Elucidation of our adulthood
Into something passé but good
Looking within a disgraceful life
Befuddled by torment and strife

As lambs we flock…
Uplifting sacrificial icons
Of a man upon a cross
Erasing our sins
To remove what we know

Sin slithers its way…
Guised as a serpent
Anxiety swelling for
Definitive banishment
From Eden’s paradise
Denied and undeserving
For those who come
No longer serving

Hectic existence dwells in humanity
As blood flows within our city
Filling rivers, lakes and streams
Clouding all our sacred dreams

Spreading upon us an infection
Reveling unseen from deception
Fanning far-reaching wispy ringlets
Quenching out thirst in golden goblets

As lambs we flock…
Playing life’s misery
Upheld by false prophets
In a single line we go
Denial within reality

Gargoyles lay upon
Doorways of aura
Protecting evil amiss
Fête of gluttonies plethora
As man draws a sword
Stabbing upon his foe
Make believe perception
To what he does not know

Spilling hatred within confrontation
Sanctifying Christianity in redemption
Mitigating an ends to a means
When naught is as it seems

Four Horseman burst through a sky
Their stallions lead up on nigh
Rumbling their hooves in stampede
As we lay down our souls to bleed

As lambs we flock…

author: Kimmy Jean


Web Design By Kimmy Jean

Main Graphic Obtained through Public Domain