As We Lay

As we lay
Flesh touching flesh
Lovers at their best
I move my lips to your ear
I want to whisper holy words
Only my best earth shattering phrases
Are good enough for you...
But all that comes out
Is a simple somewhat played out phrase,
I love you, I say...
I disappoint myself
With my lack of words
Cuz I want to tell you
About the planets
And the sun
Tell you how it all began
But I say nothing-
Because your aura
Leaves me speechless
Your being leaves me breathless
So I'll try it again
This day is magical
But what can I say?
In our dreams we are shooting stars
And it seems you are God
Speaking to me in code
Yes, God speaks to me through you
Yes, God makes love to me through you
And I start to think now
That God must be a woman-whose womb
Nurtured us
Our mother...
And so I call her SHE
SHE sings to me
SHE kisses my lips when I am sleeping
And i want to read her a poem
Yes, I'll recite this love poem

"Cuz baby you amaze me, and your nectar is so sweet,
With you by my side, I will never face defeat,
Your my partner in crime, put the bump in my grind,
See, this world is going crazy, giving birth to insanity
But you level this brain, Baby...
You keep me sane, and I owe you the world
Yes I'm gonna give you it all, just take my hand my angel
Together we can't fall..."

Yes I whisper these lines in her ear
These lines begin to fill her body
These lines ease my fears
And SHE and I and you are one
For we are one
Yes we are one
Lets make love tonight
Bring out the divine inside
Cuz SHE is real
And SHE is right
Yes, SHE makes me truthfully feel
Yes, YOU make me truthfully feel
Each word I pen
Each word I write
Yes, I see this beautiful creature
Before my eyes
For all that she is tonight
Yes, I see my beautiful baby girl
And she is truly divine
As we lay
Yes as we lay
Its ALL right...

Donald Arrington
July 15, 2004
On the way to NYC


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