A Thousand Lifetimes

I have lived my life over and over again
In my minds third eye
Meditated my way back to child birth
Slowly remembering my dharma,
Creation and all other forces involved
Brought upon my rebirth
This spiritual awakening
Pushing me to fulfill my karma

I know exactly how and when
I'm gonna die
But I'll let that be the surprise
You secretly know the answer(s) to(o)

I'll write these words to pry open
The heaviest of third eyes
To spark the divine
In those that are blind
And for the countless spirits
That went to the grave to soon
That lived and died in the dark
Not Following their path

I'll do the math
In my heart and soul
Connect myself to the universe
Through love and OM
I'll code my words to break the chains
That disconnect the brain
From its purpose and foundation
Cuz the time is long over due
We've missed our cue to come home
I pray this poem will set
(slow) soul motion into place (pace)
Words leap from this page
And start the rebirthing process-
Its a resurrection...

Its time to come home
I pray this poem
Its time to come home
I pray this poem
It time to come home
I pray this poem
Finds the soul
That its destined for

Donald Arrington
Written on
July 30, 2004




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