Become My Breath

Alone, encased in a prism
You reflect unto me
Breathe into my soul
Compose me complete

Devotion …
Touches upon me
Within a sultry gaze…
Hidden within a mist
…. Fantasies
Beginning within midnight

Gaze overpoweringly
Into my eyes
Shred away
My transgressions
Kissing away my mendacity

Let me fall into your arms
Melting into you
Lost in a feather embrace

Make me yours
Within moments of passion
Suspended in time
By a omnipotent kiss

Dreamy elucidations
Drowning in lovers amore
Fall into waves
Against softened pillows
Reaching deeply into my essence

Hues of sparkling magick
Grace upon our bodies
Imbibed within intoxication
Of a simple breath…
Dancing between
Darkness and light
Cascading amid utopia

Stolen moments
Perpetuating within
Fields of aromatic wisteria
Purity within sensuality
Warmth within touch
A tick…
Cascading into a tock

Grasp upon a totality
Submission unto unity
Moment’s stream

Carefully hold me in your arms
Look into my eyes
As you slowly…
Become my breath…


Author: KimmyJean