Become One

I love my woman

She is my inspiration

She is my timely meditation

She is that divine creature that

Has come to grant me my wings

Yes, she brings out the God within

Yes, she brings out the sleeping poet in me

The lover in me

The Buddha in me

When she makes love to me

Time stands still, and egos

Slip away as we find our place

Amongst the cosmos

Yes, she places universal power in my hands

As our souls dance

She shows me a shortcut to wisdom and revelation

As she paves this sacred path to the mother of creation

Each time she breathes that orgasmic breath through me

Is a chance to glimpse into the heavens

A chance to feel the earth the way it was meant to be

Rooms become painted with this dynamic energy

Bodies wrapped in this sea of ecstasy

Inevitably we believe in every religion on earth

In this moment as hips lock we realize

That the root of our fears

Lie only in the evils in mind

But we combine

Still freezing time

And its strange now but

I can almost taste the truth-

Our bodies are nothing but our souls tools

And heaven is not a place that we must travel to

It is right here as our souls embrace

As energy surrounds and transforms

We feel the essence of our survival

And higher than ever before

In this sacred time

In this sacred place

With this feeling we have become grounded

Our souls centered in the universe

An instant was all it took

To truly feel our oneness with all that we see,

Hear, feel and don't

In this moment we are the basis for every poem,

Song and painting

We are the moon and the stars

We are the sun

Yes, in this moment we become one

Every second of every day

This goddess sends me spiraling

Into epiphanies I'm not sure I'm ready to handle

But I love her for that

Yes I love her for all that she opens

My mind body and soul to

Yes, I love my woman

Author: Donald Arrington

ęSeptember 24, 2004

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