Beneath A Wanton Moon


Dusk soothingly falls

Caressing ever so softly

Butterfly touches placed

Gently upon your skin

Whispers of a night

Elevating your soul…


Moonlight bathes

Its radiance…

Upon your inner spirit

Bringing into apparition

Evenings detained

Within debauchery


Feathering inner sensuality

Veiled inside a myth

Bequeathed amid custom

Hidden within nighttimes

Ethereal magick


Unseen fingers

…Flutter to and fro

Opening silken camisoles

 Sliding off your body

Exposing your creation

Within illumination

Amid a full wanton moon…


Soothing coos of twilight

Sachet you hypnotically

Buried amid a mystic mist


Wisps of luminosity

Travel you athwart

Arousing nostalgia

As bodily reaction

Sinuous in intentions

Erects an inner fire


Waves of fervor blaze

Surging abound mentalities

Perching you in enchantment


Your indiscernible lover

Lays you upon a soil

Carefully breaching

Your private entry

Plummeting into

Personal desire


Bursts discharge

 Kaleidoscopes of colors


 An orgasmic bliss

As you rest…

In harmony with self

Beneath luminous rays

Of a wanton moon


Author  Kimmy Jean




Web Design By Kimmy Jean

Main Graphic By

Lois Royo