Butterfly Moments

Feel a subtle whisper…
Caress upon your skin
Gently stroking feathers
Stimulating unto your mind

Colors splay aglow
Held within higher orbits
Reaching gently into
A blissful illumination

Give in to infinity of rhyme
Shimmered in particles
Enlaced in touches of silver
Centered within rings of gold

Journeying beyond a fantasy
Highlighted in gossamer wings
Fluttering across landscapes
Lost in a Sauvé a fair

Rainbow prisms
Hovering far beyond
Flitting to and fro
Astray in an unknown

Manifestations seized
Within a fragile hold
Where nothing matters
But echoes of a silent sea

Formulate our essence
Upon pillows of dreams
Sashay our senses
Within scents of brine

Mystique of a mystic
Swirling butterfly moments
Beckoning to our spirit
Exploding in a golden sky


author: Kimmyjean