Castle Dreams

The deep blue crescent waves
Easing upon the sandy shore
Miscellanies of bubbly foam
Easing flipside into the sea

An artiste of infantile
Constructing her reverie
Of pillared towering castles
Mounded from within the sand

Carefully shaping the towers
Forming into triangular peaks
Carving and molding the moat
Protecting the colossal walls

The water progresses in
Filling the moat with maritime
Flowing away backwards
Leaving an enchantment to see

Gleefully she looks
Onto her realm of fantasy
Of princesses in need of rescue
And Princes on gallant steeds

Daylight shines atop the sand
Viewers looking upon the castle
Bringing beams to their faces
Memories of simple naive times

The tides begin to develop
As sun revolves into moon
The boisterous noisy waves
Taking in the sandy beach

Wrapped up in the water
The castle begins its attrition
Subdivisions and fragments
Falling into the foamy chasm

The morning sun cascades
On a empty canvas of beach
Awaiting another young artiste
To build a realm of fantasy dreams

Author: Kimmy Jean


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