Chasing Tornadoest

I must plant my feet in dreams

Let me hold

To the path of the fury

That it might overtake me

In an instant of irreversible finality

Let it snap my neck

In a act of simple punctuation

One by one tearing these flailing limbs

From my sanctity, my sanity

Pitching them upward


In the silence of the eye

Dropping onto soft pillows

Let my heart be decimated

Each atom cradled in the arms of the wind

Each dot kissed by the breath of the Almighty

And propelled beyond His galaxies

Torn from regret

Let my soul dance with Isadora

Upon stars undiscovered

Adorned in the rapture of many colored scarves

Whose silken threads kiss the inside of our thighs

And now

Chasing my dreams

Watch me

Surrender to the winds


Author: jeanne rené

© 4/04

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