~Come here

To me

Bury your tears.

Kiss my neck with your solitude.

Hide time's sorrow.

Wipe your blemished eyes with my hair,

Still yours to touch and dream upon.

Fall into me

Without effort,

No words spoken,

No echo

To chisel away our revelation.

My tears are easy,

They come quick and free

At the whisper of emotion,

But not always seen

By you.

See me.

I will . . . I will see you.

For somewhere deep inside

There is the man of me.

My face wears your coarse beard.

My shoulders seem wide and hardy,

not these soft and pale wings.

Somewhere deep inside of me

My heart is the same reckless heart.

My fears stay perched at the tip of my tongue,

My eyes dam rivers

And sting with strength.

My pride and weakness battle

A war that is never won.


Somewhere deep inside me

I feel you.

But tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow

All that is left to say, my love

I say . . .

~ Come here

Taste my tears

Feel the woman of me.

Author: jeanne rené