Cosmic Rendezvous

Convene me in universal bliss

Bestowing me a cosmic kiss

Propel me to star way path

With harmony amid your laugh

Bathe me in moonlight glow

Unclothe my quintessence below

Grace my skin with a caress

Heightening me to royal noblesse

Exploration in hidden terrain

Raising swelling passions reign

Peaking my areoles unyielding

Craving eroticisms adulterating

Bestow upon me your gaze

Within warmness set ablaze

Encompass my corporeal form

Elevating amid magnetic storm

Ravage me in your masculinity

Exploring my inner divinity

Open my internal most realms

Within fervor to overwhelm

Flow my soul in simplistic abyss

Ebbing from sensualities tryst

Leaving our cosmic rendezvous

Within journey from me to you

Author: Kimmyjean