Dancing Within a Waltz Of Butterflies

Swathe yourself in a shroud
Of iridescent gossamer
Flowing in a verse of wind
Circling amid an air
As we dance…
Upon turquoise waters
Glittering blue

Carry your soul
Where no man treads…
Tingeing upon an essence
Of amethyst radiance
Bowing upon waves of light

Trembling upon paradises secret
Vanishing upon dimensions of truth
Upon blessedness
Flitting amid allegory
Hinting of sensuality

Silky-smooth wings carry us
Within a sultry waltz
Dancing along an edge
Teetering within
A collective ecstasy
Amalgamating within
Nature’s exquisiteness

Feel a breeze cascade
Silken caresses upon your hips
Sway within a flow of butterfly steps
As delicate frail wings
Glide in an awe-inspiring kiss

A breath…

Feel a pulsation
Of a butterfly waltz
Coursing throughout our veins
Flowing within sensual grace
… Our eternal soul

Magick sparkles
Mystical hues
Angels forfeit their reverie
Kneel one kneel all
Loose yourself upon myths
Shimmering in a brook
Dancing within a waltz
Of Butterflies

Author: Kimmyjean



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