Dark Angel


Clothed in blackened silk
Dazzling within moonlight
Among nighttimes reverie
As cascades of ebony
Drape upon luminescent skin

Silky-smooth wings
Flutter upon a cool breeze…
Letting out a sigh…

Red roses falling
Slowly from her hand
Fragments of blood petals
Fluttering beside
Her dainty feet
Walking through dreams of
Our darkened land

We seek
What we shall find
Hidden in a sin
Left in a lie

White butterflies
Dropping down
To a ground below
Left to wither away
And die
Within a midnight pool

Beauty held within a form
Hallowed essences
Left to suffer
Upon rivers of red
Fading into yesterday

Moving in a cascade
Of debaucheries cadence
Feeding upon
A necromancer’s passion
Hidden in humanities sin

Gentle sighs
In unseen reflections
Veiled in a shimmering tear
Falling …
To sinuous waters
Flowing in rhyme

Beauty drapes her skin
Shaded in a grayish din
Widened Violet eyes
Shine inside a moonlit kiss

Luminescent rays
Shine on by
Layered in a
Seductive brine

Forgoing a way
Lost in intangibles
Coveting singularity
Lost in an elusive mind

Encompassed by light
Layered in thousands
Glowing in humanities
Shimmering visions
Lost upon…
Thoughts of sublime

Wakening to a summons
Flowering in a kiss
A Dark Angel
Silhouetted against
A Season of Illusions
Savoring upon our lips

author: kimmyjean




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