Dreams of Debauchery

"Those dreams of submission would return and once more you would know contentment"

Kept apart by the will of higher powers

The aching never ceases never rests

Glimmers of sweat are signs of abstinence

Do you crave me like I crave you?

A wanton heart shines through brown eyes

Smiles of love are fake it's a basic need

Submission reaps beautifully painful rewards

Is your sleep disturbed like mine?

Time was those shackles nipped the skin

You cried tears of not pain but joy

I loved you for that, I so did love you

Like me do you suppress who you are?

I remember shaving you as punishment

The actual event out weighed the anticipation

Riding crops and nipple clamps signs of good times

How I long to make you scream again

Crimson were the bruises I inflicted ohh how you begged

Even after all this time the thought of you is too much

Seeing you on all fours eager to be taken forcefully

Our souls could not survive that level of intensity

I long for the darkness because all I can see is you

Sight is not required to feel my way around your body

Cold shackles on the cold concrete floor tell me I'm home

I can hear you whisper, "hurt me like only you know how"

Author: John Lee
Copyright 2003