Dreams Of Evening


Among the fields of faded dreams

When day is done, or so it seems,

I stand beside the padlocked gate

And watch the evening as I wait,

While breezes call from shadows deep

As willows hang their heads and weep,

The dreams of evening speak to me

About the things they want to be.


New born beginnings, new romance,

Scattered windblown flowers dance,

Promises on meadows lain

Feelings that they can’t explain,

Joy and sorrow, smiles and tears

Fervent hopes and sheltered fears,

Brought to me on scented wings

Those wind blown secret heartfelt things.


I seem to catch a gentle tune

As singing dreams wait for the moon,

And twilight strums the distant wires

To tempt those astral silver fires,

Until at last they paint the land

So that the dreams will understand,

That life is such an endless stream

And it will come to every dream…



Author: Backstreetdreamer