Dream Walker

Floating on edge of consciousness

Where world of dreams lay await

She beckons you to approach near

Climbing staircase to imaginings

Exploring world within your mind

Conceptualized purity within raw

Together embarking expedition

Crossing pathway to simplicity

Traveling in uncloaked perception

Living manifestation of intellect

Psyche races amid freedoms light

Expanding to recesses anonymous

Shedding away fears constraints

Floating in unearthly dominion

Effecting everending circle of life

Falling deep into rems of vision

Opening mind to apparition upheld

Acceptance within spirituality

Reverence into tranquility held

Exploring dimensions concealed

Lay your head upon pillows of eve

Where she lingers for slumber deep

Recognize her corridor to beyond

As she ambles you in your dreams

Within elemental focal points

Forever...Uniting with you

The Dream Walker

Author: Kimmy Jean


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