Drowning In a Sea Of Melancholy

Tears flow gently downward
Into a seascape beneath
Ache becoming my only confident
Inside the ocean below

Salted brine
Overtakes my senses
Carrying me ever so tenderly
Easing me into melancholies bliss

Chant a song
From a siren of the sea
Croon her eerie tune

Come to me…
Inside depths of despair
Cascading gently into my pain
Follow me into an icy maidens breathe
Wrapped within echoes of silence

Send me away…
Upon a passage of madness
Led by myth and mirth
Reach beyond sadness
Drowning me past anguish

Lay me down to rest
Succumbing to you
I fall…

Cross over into darkness
Hovering upon agonies of despondency
Lingering on an altered side

Sea levels rise unto me
Cover me inside your flow
Breathing in your watery kiss
Drowning in a Sea
Of Melancholy

Author: Kimmy Jean





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