Earth Preservation?

The barren landscape before us so pure and untarnished

Endless miles of grass blowing in the wind

As the distant crews of trucks approach slowly

To rape and pillage the beauty we see.

The ocean barren and beautiful as the water laps the shore

Birds are flying above the jetties looking for food.

As the distant builders carrying their wood

Erect the monstrosity of decadent homes

The forest so peaceful and quiet only natures sound

The chirping of crickets and flutter of birds

As the distant loggers gather their tools

Using nature’s beauty to further the selfish goals of mankind

God created and granted us the earth to live and dwell

To take what we need and preserve what we don’t

To treasure the beauties of animals and nature

To appreciate the gifts that he bestowed upon us.

Man has destroyed the landscape so pure and untarnished

With unnecessary mini mall and mini marts

Plaguing every corner, every empty space

With the selfishness in the name of “conveniences”

Man has built up and polluted the ocean shore

With the garbage and refuse of unuseful debris

Of mansions that sprawl against the horizon

For those huge families of three or four

Man has taken over the forest so peaceful and quiet

To make room for the houses to get away from it all

With the others soon to follow them in suit

Which ends in futility for the crowds keep coming

Where will man decide to end this?

When will man decide to act responsible?

Why do we have the need to pillage and destroy?

And lastly what will it take for man to ultimately learn?

Author: Kimmy Jean