End Of Days


Darkness of nighttime
Settles in transversely
Landscape swaddled
Within haunting macabre
As a caw of a raven
Echoes amid prismatic
Shadows of blackness
Settling amid sands of time


Diametrical reverberations
Cascade a desperate soul
Ripping an inner mania
Exposing a wayward mind
Cursed in ancient folklore
Tattooed upon forehead
Marking an inevitable sign
Within numerology of six


Blood seeps its sacrifice
Upon a wounded lamb
Cut athwart a gullet
Saturated upon on alter
Flowing life begetting
Unborn humanities fatality
Of demonic conception
To rise to his ultimate throne


Tides of lunar madness
Rising into deluge of demise
Transporting its fascination
Into humanities chaotic mind
Surging desecrated landscapes
With warfare and pestilence
Shattering our desires and sins
Merged into an unholy moment


As humanity falls to its knees
Begging for an End of Days


Author:  KimmyJean







Graphic Obtained from an Unknown source

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