"For My Mom Who I Love So Much"

A Mother's love is so very special
And I want to begin by writing this
Mom, I want you to know how much you're treasured
Loved and always missed

There has not been a day gone by
When I haven't thought about your love
When I needed someone to comfort me
God sent me an angel from above

You've always been there to guide me through
Lessons both right and wrong
You'd sit me down and talk to me
Sometimes mean, but firm and strong

I know it was hard to listen sometimes
To some of the things you had to say
But I learned in life that it's hard sometimes
And you have to live it your own way

I'm older now and all grown up
With years that have gone by
And I know I put you through a lot of things
Perhaps I even made you cry

I did not mean the certain things I did
And I never meant to make you sad
I guess I still have a little child in me
Whom is also good and bad

When I was a kid I remember so clearly
All the hard work for a family of three
A big brother and sister taken care of by you
And daddy as well as me

All the things you've ever done for us
You'd always know exactly what to do
When we'd fall, get hurt, or get stitched up
Or even just a little black and blue

I could always run into your arms
Where I'd feel so safe and sound
Then everything would go away
Because your love I always found

And I also remember other things as well
Like us planting flowers around the pond
And it felt so good to see you smile
Oh how I wish I could be with you, Mom

I'll always cherish those happy times
And those special moments we both shared
With all the fun and laughter too
And happy smiles that showed we cared

I love you Mom, for everything
For every little thing you do
And in my heart there is a special place
That is kept especially for you

"Happy Mothers Day"

Author: Renay LeSoine