For Whom Does He Cry?

Newspapers bring us news today
3000 have sacrificed their lives
Parent’s sisters and brothers mourn
For a life lost of those who survive

Bloodied bodies along a road
Decaying upon a northern wind
Echoes of a man woman and child
Dissipate from how we have sinned

For Whom Does He Cry?

Elderly denied a pill for life
A commodity devalued away
For sake of a profit for wealthy
So they can eat just one more day

Genocide rears its ugly head
As a world hides within their shame
Ignoring a blatant authenticity
That history will set forth and proclaim

For Whom Does He Cry?

A world that is decaying way
From an outside reaching in
Man segregating liability from nature
As our ozone burns away our skin

A human life left in an alley
Scrounging for food in the trash
Masses of people just walk on by
As he eats yesterdays hash

For Whom Does He Cry?

Denial of equal opportunity
Segregation of money and classes
Permeating violence within our streets
As we look through rose colored glasses

Condemnation among our differences
Gays, immigrants and unlike races
Judging a lifestyle and religion
By the dissimilarity of our actions and faces

For Whom Does He Cry For?

Time reflects
What humanity
Has become
Greed and selfishness have come to reign
We justify our action in twisted knowledge
Exposing ourselves…
To ways of heresy…
With a ball
And chain

For Whom Does He Cry?


Author: Kimmy Jean