Found Within Forever

Touch gently upon the
Luminescence of a silver moon
Shine your waves throughout
A summer evening breeze

Let your coolness
Caress upon my face
Setting it aglow…
Shimmering nuances
Of secreted amore

Layered in oceans of azure

Float me in an ebb and flow of sensuality
As I lay upon an ocean alter
Soaking in a brined mist
Spellbound within moonlit droplets
Tinged in desire

Passions of nighttime
Call unto me
Lay a kiss upon my forehead
Echoing songs of serenity
Cradled in black cherry blossoms
Within aphorisms of adieu

Expose your cavernous waves
Share your deep secrets
Within a purr of emptiness
So I can comprehend...

I am one within a universe…
I am one within a cosmos
Celebrated in a influence
Of symbiotic duality

Suspended in esoteric vibrations
Reborn unto nature’s bliss
Falling into soft rains
Of yesterdays sagas
Blooming into tomorrows light

I lie down and breathe…
Dark desires of tranquility
In silvery tones of midnight
Plummeting amid time

An earth bleeds
Its strength and beauty
Unto my empty cup
As I drink
Its essence…

Tides of memories beckon
Inside naked flames of serenity
Held upon pathways of life’s beauty

…I become a shimmer
Amid shadows of moonlight
Approaching a doorway
Found within forever

Touch gently upon the
Luminescence of a silver moon
Shine your rays throughout
A summer evening breeze…

Author: Kimmy Jean

© 5-5-07