Harmonies of Silence

Lost in reflection
Of cerebral exhaustion
Smokey visions
Cloud your eyes…

Alike gentle whispers
Floating on memoirs
Of a moonlit fantasy
Cradled beyond divine

Reach for me…
As we fall away…

Flowing smooth contours
Dipped in elemental blue
Bouncing back and forth
Embracing upon your mind

Nature’s garden
Blooms in blankets
Of precise exquisiteness
Laced in layers of sublime

Illumination bleeds
Through a woodland
Reaching to a entryway
Just beyond cusps of time

Feeling liberated…
As we were meant to be…

Shadows and stars bathe me
Leaving waving traces
Of lumincent dust
Illuminating my soul…

Vanishing in iridescent illusions
Of last nights sunset
Seduced within
Mauve induced mists

Ignorance into knowledge
Within a bells tone
Breached unto avante garde
We augment to our destiny…

Feeling liberated…
As we were meant to be…

Unshackle my spirit
As I inundate
Unto a communal joining
Found in waters depths

Waiting for a…
Moment of peace
Floating into a beyond
Inside serenity’s twilight

Reach for me…
As we fall away…

Sensing harmonies of Silence
As starlight multiplies
Fusing upon…
Its radiant glow

Delicate thresholds
Of changing seasons
Sighing within a breeze
Fading into yesterday


Author: Kimmy Jean