Journey Home

Floating upon an empty vacant sea

Nature’s opulence within an ambiance

Horizons of yellow orange and red

Sheathing a vessel of a former me

White gulls soar within spirituality

Flying elevated beyond my sight

Cawing melodies of distant accord

Rendering me unbound by mortality

Cascading white joie de vivre emits

My ever-somnolent passageway

Sailing within waves of sacredness

Aperture in dignity of former Jesuits

Waters swell upon entrance way

Misting within ocean ways of tears

Scattering mystical sprays of dew

Opening passage no longer astray

Gates sparkle in golden illumination

Spreading their reception corridor

Appearance in authoritative desire

Within awe-inspiring aberration

Light shines upon my fortitude

Rendering me weak by eminence

Ascending to my journey home

Merging forever in verisimilitude

Author: KimmyJean