Karma Sutras Symphony

You pull me subsequently to you no room within
Caressing my skin so purposefully yet softly
Like silky-smooth rose petals against my skin

You stroke my face, roaming slowly to my neck
My mind succumbing to your gentle touch
Lulling me softly into a deep passion within

Feeling your lips move leisurely to my shoulders
Your hands begin playing melodies of sensualities
Rippling insides of waves beginning to quicken

Sensations cover my body as your lips consume me
Encompassing every part of my sensuality inside
Tremors of ecstasies music building inside my thighs

You pull my hands to your hard muscled chest
Feeling your hot burning skin under my hand
You guide me to your restrained passions below

We join together in a karma sutra of built up lust
Rocking slowly to a classic tinkling of piano keys
A slow dramatic set of deep slow tones and beats

The music of our bodies building to the high-pitched notes
Edifying up in volumes intensity and deep passion
Riding the waves of the compositions concluding end

Our bodies lay swathed in the heat of the musicís last part
The remembrance of the concerto echoes in the mind
Entwined you fall into slumber at the end of passions symphony.

Author: KimmyJean







Graphic Obtained through Public Domain