Lady Of Wind and Tears

Lady of wind and tears
Reach out to me
Cradle me in star streams
Rejoicing upon rays of
Mystic moon beams

Purr harmonies of silver blue
Dangling upon a rainbow of white
Immersed beyond
Of deepest sublime

Journey upon star surges
Caressed in waves of sepia
Saturated amid sorrow and mirth
AS crystalline butterflies flutter
…On high

Flying twofold…
A teardrop falls....

…To place a gentle kiss upon my lips
Whispering tones of adieu…

Spiraling drops of sapphire
Plummet upon a ground
Lost never to be found
As we seek out
Cascading Upon Zephyrs
Of the Gods

A teardrop falls....

Awaken sweet mystery of life
Secreted in an emerald city
Just set beyond…
Prisms of jade
As we journey
Yellow bricks
Flowing away
Inside grains of sand

Fantasy foretold…
A teardrop falls....

Lay me down to rest
Upon a bed of Luna flowers
Shaking their dewed petals
Upon your ashen cheek

Blooming within a lotus petal
We birth its awakening
Upon its silken breadth
Engulfed in sweet brine

Lady of wind and tears
Reach out to me
In temptations irresistibility
Basking in a tower of hope
Eclipsed by astral valor

Shimmering in a singular tear…
Suspended by a swirling wind


Author: Kimmy Jean