Land of Everlight

Flow upon waves of eternity
Lost amid a timeless sublime
As we linger…
… Upon
Vanished mysts of Avalon

Feel a magick in the air
Diamonds laced in twilight
Suspended by a light
Cradled by a luminous moon

Call unto thee…
Set us mortals free…
For we are weary of our plight
Set forth this weary night

Journey us away to
A Land of Everlight
Our footsteps leading us
To quiescent lakes…
Bottomless within the
Darkest hours of night

Observe her ascension
… Beauty forever contained
… Lady to true divine
Enlaced within celestial fireworks
Bursting in colors array
Lost in a myst of Avalon

Bathe within
Symmetry’s sunset
…Golden hued
Exploding in shades of blue

Following pathways
Into tomorrow
Where light shadows
Surround colors of night

Moonlight serenades
Celebrating a joy of creation
Hidden in a castle ruin
Along the borders

Embraced upon
A delicate soul
We remiss…
…For a wish
Contained high above
Mysting in heavens
Of Avalon

Author: KimmyJean