Lines of Life and Death

Trailing my fingers
Upon your face
Trails of blood
From my palms

Your laughter resonates
Feeding upon my angst
Exposing shadows
Shimmering my heart

Red stains trickle upon a floor
Spreading outward in their voyage
As a puddle of mordant aroma
Wisps abound my presence

Shredding immortality
Hidden inside my inhibitions
Exposing carnal desire
As I pleaded for more…
Lost in a heated moment
Vanished within endless arroyo
Of your stipulating illusions

Caving into a lost empire
Leaving all I understand
As I am hypnotically sapped

Dallying amid
Lust desire and greed
Trading my essence
For sensual miasmic
Draped in licentiousness

Calling unto me…
Within my hour of need
Haunting voices crying out
Despondence within their greed

Waves of hurt and pain
Cascade upon my darkened soul
Seeping thoughts of detestation
Ringing echoes of despair
Drenched in debauchery

Trading in my essence
Upon a pledge
To your dominion

You summoned my desire
Fed upon my angst
Deep in a darkened eve
Feeling the warmness
Of my veins surge
As my existence
Commences to purge
From within me

Laughter bounces to and fro
Louder or softer
I begin not to know
Confusion emanates
Swirling blackened miasma
Choking my inhalation

Pressurized vices surround
Squeezing within my reason
Sculpting its objective
As I scream into nowhere
Coveting me into your sect

Chains surround my soul
Movement inhibited
As gaggles of demons
Taste upon my essence

Flames lick from below
As opaque voices
Reiterate in melodic refrain
Burn baby burn

Draining my energies
As I linger between
Lines of life and death
Within an indenture
Prepared by you

Author: Kimmyjean

Copyright 1-2006


Main Graphic provided by

The art of James Lyons.

Used with permission of artist. If you are interested in his art please click above