Everything she'd ever had
in now forever shattered
with all the broken dreams
he thought never mattered

in an unsuccessful attempt
to hide her desperate weeps,
she turned her pale face as the
salty tears burned her soft cheeks

the cold stare of pain
possessed her shaded eyes
her still innocent heart
feeling the wrath of his lies

she leaves this wretched place
and walks down to the store
but along her quiet journey
the rain begins to pour

all the young ladies
look at her with a leer
she begins to wonder now,
she begins to fear

she wanders among the short aisles
and picks up the infamous test
as she steps towards the cashier
she realizes she never confessed

with a tear in her enraged eye
and fear in her lonesome heart,
she sauntered over to the gun aisle
and places bullets in her cart


he patiently waits in the
white walled waiting room
the people seem friendly
yet senses a hint of gloom

soon enough a stout man
entered his limited line of sight
as he strolled in the doorway,
behind him followed a cloud of brilliant light

then he knew what he was waiting for
he realized what he'd done
it was finally clear to him that
he lost his morals in having fun


she steps over to the previously
innocent but truthfully worldly bed
retrieves the small dark pistol
and loads it with fate holding lead

she waits impatiently in the bathroom
hoping her results will come quick
while she tries not to think
for fear of being suddenly sick

as her test proves positive,
her fragile, shaking body turns pale
and she hopes that no one
will know her dreadful tale

as she silently lifts the gun to her head,
she whispers a short prayer
thinking it the only thing
that could possibly save her


the man was interrogating him intensely
when suddenly she was sitting next to him
then the man announced he'd made his decision
"you will burn in hell for your incessant sin"

but before he was sent to his fiery world,
he grabbed her quick and they embraced
he vanished so quickly from her arms,
the un-rightfully comforted look still haunted her face

the man said he had to go out but
he'd be back for her sentencing too
and with that he left her there
in the white walled waiting room


as the rain drops randomly fall
on the twin coffins with care
everyone wants to ask about her,
but no one will dare

they found curiousness hard to overcome
but they just left her there
to ask, would upset her more
and they knew that was unfair

the upcoming few days
would be the hardest to face
but family and friends
will take them in pace

as the young lovers are now
lowered into the frigid ground,
they take with them their secrets
which will never be found

blacks and greys colored the skies
and matched their scared hearts
the youthfully pretty mistress he had
realized that she hadn't been smart

she thought her troubles
would all be easily resolved
but her feelings overcome her
and relentless fear had evolved

she was brain washed and oblivious
to the fact that he was a con
she too took that test and now
saw clearly what had went on

she was lost at their funeral
and hid her sorrow behind lace
only of the darkest of colors
that draped her fair face

she tried her very hardest
not to think of the vicious man anymore
but it was him who took her heart
he was responsible for it being torn

she was the one who murdered her lover
she was the one to finally confess
she saw the pain she'd unconsciously caused
she made another woman's hope less

everything she'd ever had
is now unforgiving shattered
with all the broken dreams
he thought never mattered

Author:Josephina Carson

Copyright 3-06



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