~~Man and Mother Nature~~

Nature and man

entwined together as one
Caressing his body

encompassing his mind
Giving life to fantasies

of beauty within

Onlookers’ eyes fill with tears

as the two merge
Creating an remarkable

and gorgeous sight
Beholden with the sanctity

of goodness and light

Embracing one another

as had been anticipated
Feeling the warmth

encompassing his mind
Giving and not just taking

what she has to offer.

Wantonly she caresses

like a breeze across his soul
Shimmering cool waters

stroking against his body
Luminous sunshine rays

to enter in his heart.

He protects and cradles her

like the forgotten child
Bringing her ever

so close melting within
Coupling in oneness to reach

the final ecstasy of radiance.

Man and Mother Nature….
Everlastingly as one





Author: Kimmy Jean