Mathematics of Tears

Darkness pulses through the light staining this blood

Garbled and unclear my intentions are misunderstood

Equilibrium off balance and filled with beautiful places

The mind furrowed and contorted unable to recall faces

Past events merging into the future the here and now

That nothingness that still fills me up somehow

Knowing what I know that you exist within my reach

This is no distracting icon I should practice what I preach

I can feel the liquid forming out of my control

A lost fight for what is now, comes from the soul

My lips are dry my throat is hoarse from screaming

In these matters I am virginal I cannot control what I'm feeling

I was warned and foretold that you would be coming

There is no defense against you that which is so over whelming

Vanity compels me to do everything I can to stand my ground

The bullet that kills is the one that makes no sound

What is this feeling that comes so deep from within

The curse of the dead and the ghost of the living

What dark magic can make these tears fall so freely?

I was so close to holding you I saw that dream so clearly

How can I long for something that will never be mine to hold

Whilst the sun may shine inside its freezing cold

When I see your words your thoughts I have no fears

I guess this is the mathematics of tears

Author: John Lee