Mercurial movements migrate over a macro scape

Shadow birds which gracefully glissade a slippery slope

Over a sable surface south from a northern lunar gape

Baneful brood broadcasted in a sequential slide and slip

Vision purified poison produces envisioned intoxication

Entering in earnest into a crest of a mental inhalation

Dispersed into a thirst in a twilight twist and a gyration

A sequential slide and slip of holographic hallucination

Chrome crows - Raving ravens

Across lines of aligned ravines resting in rows of furrows

Hosts of ghosts which gather so as to gallantly scatter

Something similar to surfacing spectrographic sorrows

Vast stained glass sorrowful expressions at last shatter

Migrating into mercury moonshine movements and flows

Where waves break away from white wombs of tombs

Reflected shells which fell to sail from a reflecting shell

Translated like blue icicles and trickles of midnight noons

Which arose like a black rose from a black soil of soul

Sending forth scents of expanses of expansive unknowns




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