Midnight Dances

Midnight dances
Amid a field of lotus trees
Sprigging within sweet innocence
…Tasting wantonness
…Dripping succulent honey

Sheath our bodies
Atop aromatic petals
Exposed in an autumn eve
Fertile upon paths
Of copious amore

Entwine me in you…
Held by dualistic splendor

Cascaded within…
Insinuations tiered of purity
Reveling within…
Implications of sin

Lavish me…
Liberated of all consciousness

Swelling passion
Atop gentle blossoms
Building creation
Arduous in conclusion
Ebbing away

Place me higher…

Yearning surges
Within passions birth
Moon rays shine down
On an edifice of desire

Become my God
Awaken my Goddess…
Feeling tidal waves
Of shameless seduction

Unwrap my soul
Probing deep into
Clandestine thoughts
Reveal their veracity
Upon rivers
Of crystallized blue

Lay down
As aromas spellbind…
Shedding inhibitions
Abandoned desires
Hovering upon affirmations
Of divine

Intoxicate me….
Bequeath me birth…
Cling to me in death
Bestow me light…
Embrace me in darkness…

Sensitivity of skin to skin
Thigh to thigh
Delving into primitiveness
Glistening petals
Of provocative sensuality
Imbued in sublime

Absorb our presence…
Basking in euphoria…
Amalgamation to cosmic oneness

Make us rise
To a coveted vigor
Giving in to ecstasies kiss
Amid sacred petals
Falling from a lotus tree

Author: Kimmy Jean

© 5-7-2007