Mirror, Mirror


Hours descend upon silky-smooth moon flowers
Like a dream shaded veil, held with nighttime powers
Untamed spirits leaving us weakened in an incandescent glow
Reaching unto a pagan moonlights never ending flow

Silent nights amalgamated within rings of hope
Dimensions flowing unilaterally, unable to cope
Memories dancing inside erotic dreams
Two sided hearts…nothing is as it seems

Mirror,mirror reflecting back upon me
Give me the strength to truly see…

Twilight magick dances upon shores of farewell
Echoes of life play within sounds of a golden bell
As we manifest ourselves in a portrait of midnights sunlight
Moving across ties that bind within their might

Taking a closer look at a brightness of deep serenity
Feeling a stillness in a vastness of eternity
Accepting in the geometrics of our own insanity
Knowing yesterday is gone within its mendacity

Mirror,mirror reflecting back upon me
Give me the strength to really see…

Reflections of our life meander before us up high
Fleeting upon moments encased in a simple sigh
Transgressing from truth, elevated upon simplistic lies
Lifetimes played back in lineation within our eyes

Striving in a world of a simplistic black and white
Cryptic spheres of choice balancing in wrong and right
As colors boundaries expand their reach where we are blind
For we are limited within corridors of a human mind

Mirror,mirror reflecting back upon me
Give me the courage to really be…

Author: Kimmy Jean