Moon Child

Born in midnight hour

Deep within

Fortitude of night

Far away…

Inside a hallowed grotto

Entranced of mystic belief

Rays of incandescent blush

Swathed in luminous hue

Rising from waters

Of a elemental deep

Taking in her

…First breath

Crying her

…First cry

Skin prismatic amid

Luminescent blue

Tresses of ashen blaze

Orbed eyes of ebony night

Endowed by magick

Surrounded by charm

Existence begetting demise

Radiance begetting darkness

Arriving in a circle

Within Life

Sovereign of…

Astronomical deity

Raised in ritual clandestine

Frolicking within

Moonlight shine

Humanity bestowed with


Of poetic divine

So in your journeys

Within pathways of eve

Listen in intent to hear

Chants that resonate

Of ancient time…

Amid illumination of

A great Sage’s wisdom


As bewitching hour

Crosses lines of moment

Open your inner essence

And share….

Within an apparition…

Of a blessed

Moon Child

Author: KimmyJean



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