“My Everything In You”

All of my life I’ve waited and waited
For someone special to come along
Someone to hold, laugh, and smile with
Someone to dance to our favorite song

Someone to walk me along the sandy beach
Hold my hand and tell my dreams
Someone who knows and understands me
And knows exactly what I mean

Someone who’s not afraid to love
Like I was a long time ago
Someone who believes in destiny
Someone who’s not afraid to go

Someone who holds my heart in hers
And handles it with care
Someone who’s loving, kind and beautiful
Someone who’s always there

Someone to hold me through hard times
Someone I can tell my secrets to
A person I trust with my whole life
That someone I found in you

Someone I know who will be loyal
And faithful until the end
Someone who’s more than just my partner
But also my best friend

Someone who knows how to love me right
In all the perfect ways
Someone who can make the sun shine through
Through all the rainy days

Someone who holds my everything
Everything inside I am
Everything in life I wish I could be
Everything she says I can

Someone to lay with late at night
And put my arms around
Someone who knows me without even looking
Or even making a sound

Someone who looks into my eyes
And knows exactly how I feel
Someone who has my heart and soul
Whom no other one could steal

Someone who showed me what true love is
And what true love can really be
Someone I don’t understand sometimes
What it is she sees in me

Someone I want to spend my life with
To make her happy in every way
Someone who believes and counts on me
Through all the things I say

Someone who’s beauty that lights my heart
And sets my soul on fire
Someone who looks so beautiful
And becomes my one desire

Someone I want to love forever
And someone who wants it too
Someone who is my everything
My everything in you.

Author: Renay LeSoine