The Ocean Storm


The water swelling against the embankment

Shoving the dock towards the land

The swells leaping high into the air

Desperately grasping for beaches to feed upon

The crashing sounds that disturb the still of night

Eerie winds whistling evilly through the peers

Crushing waves hitting against the jagged rocks

Feeling its great power spilling from within

Carrying all that it holds and protects

Spewing it out in an inner rage and force

Higher and higher the tides come near

Crushing everything in its pathway

The violence crashing with every blow

Pummeling the land it can reach

The dawn begins to come easing the rage

As the waves slowly die away.

The sun shines as the ocean becomes our friend

Gently lapping against the sandy shores.



Author: KimmyJean



Main Graphic Obtained through public domain