One Moment...


One moment to listen…
As broken melodies play
Between gates of heaven and hell
A thief of souls waits
Skewing lives mired
Weaved in transgression
Beyond a thresholds abyss


One moment to choose...…
Where Gentle slopes
Cascade texture and color
Burst from abstract landscapes
From fleeting flowers of time
Blur away inside deception
Lost in former
Gardens of grace


One moment to breathe...…
Essences of fleeting humanity
Inside psyches of confusion
Exposing two sides of a soul
Entangled within eternal chaos
Finite faith cradled of devotion
Spinning within our chakra
Outside judgments of intellect


One moment to feel...
Falling tears inside a heart
Tracing ethereal odysseys
Inside tomorrows attraction
Of femme and masculinity
Played down in sensuality
Inside a mixed medium
Of passion desire and lust


One moment to unite...…
Within a definitive entity
Where a trinity
Of hope, love and faith
Culminates a lifetime of purpose
Elevating into continuums
Where one amalgamates into all
And all combines into one


One moment to embrace...…
A flame of aspiration
Patiently waiting amid
Refuge and deliverance
Meeting our darkest light
Where yesterday meets tomorrow
Unlocking a passageway
For a journeys end



Author: KimmyJean

Copyright September 2008






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