Pandora of Lore

She lay before the box of gold
Captivated by the secrets foretold

Conceived of earth and water
Enjoyed of mother and daughter

The sweetest of womanly form
Orbs bewitching like a scary storm

The face graced by the beauty
Reflective of Goddesses philately

Her qualities of swanlike grace
Emanating from toes to face

Attached with a deceitful nature
Held in her aberrant composure

She lay languishing toying in chagrin
Among the locked secrets within

Pondering thoughts of wickedness
Of havoc she could be boundless

Slowly her hand cannot hold back
Flinging open exposing aura of black

Evils take wing to the corners four
Ills toils and sickness begin to soar

A singular entity stays in behind
Object of hope staying on refined

The woman of tale leaves legend
Of dissension on men of world to defend

Some say she was a curse to mankind
Others a gift from the gods entwined

The lovely Pandora of lore
Living in history forever more


Author: Kimmy Jean