A Poets Curse


My paint has dried upon the moon

But I will paint another soon,

Maybe on a star filled night

To fill the sky with silver light,

Or maybe on a tumbling stream

That dances to a rising dream

Or even on the shimmering sea

Where you can model it for me.


A masterpiece of all I know

Of subtle touch and velvet glow,

Will hang upon your wall one day

Reminding you of me some way,

Of midnight walks and faded rhymes

And all those unforgotten times,

A painting you will understand

That holds me in some other land.


Gold and silver painted fire

Song chased hearts of deep desire,

And depths of love yet unexplored

Still hang upon our every word,

I’ll take you out upon the lake

Your fingers dangled in the wake,

Inverted worlds we’ll sail upon

Until the breath of life is gone.


But still the story has no end

It waits around the river’s bend,

And changes with the speed of thought

It can’t be stolen, or be bought,

So I’ll still keep the poets curse

Still searching for the final verse,

And when at last it comes to me

Then we shall see what we shall see…


Author: Backstreetdreamer