Portrait of Sorrow

Reflections of miasmic haze
Mirrored in broken dreams
Echo your eyes inside me
Solemn glows permeate
Deep inside your soul
As tears gently fall
Into a pool of pain

Blurred into darkness
Fading slowly
Stroking in hues of gray
Lingering ridges
Vanishing into a shadow
But far away

Pungent sensations
Blocking all sound
Suddenly you are lost
Then you are found
Cradled inside petals
Of an ebony rose

Reaching for love
Behind a mantle of death
Tortured gazes staring black
As a moment drops
Inside a closing journey
Left beyond sanctity
Rotating in time

Two looming towers
Hover by my side
Weaving a gothic web
Hidden between
Veils of lies

Sup upon a bitter wine
Its acrid taste
Upon your lips
As you stare…
Into a mythic doorway
Embraced …
By a two headed serpent
Cradled by
Wednesday’s child

Nighttime shrieks…
Birthing upon
Seven deadly sins
As a butcher
Plays his tune
Athwart fibers
Of your epitome

Cry your tears of grief
Saturated across a canvass
As you are…
Will always be
A child of night
Shadowed inside
A portrait of sorrow


Author: Kimmy Jean