Kneel before the great influence

Of the femme contained by us all

The preeminence of temperament

Within its internal blasphemies

Sharing of the inner unanimity


Basking in the glory of love

Gentleness of touch and sensuality

Within the sanctums of spirituality

As well as the inner radiance of beauty

Through nurturing of spiritual being


Powers of understanding and faith

Combining into the symbolism

Standing previous to us in the

Ultimate of womanly form

Of the everlasting motherhood


Between the outlines of the divine

Of the inner sanctum of femme

Hidden within the prophecy

of The Holy Grail that many seek


Buried deep in the lofty vaults

Denying the truths of narration

By way of omissions foretold

As the pages become unveiled

To the many masses of existence


The truth of the femme will be seen

As we uphold the bearer of life

The corporeal grace of shape

Soother of heartaches and pains


Giver of truth and knowledge

Balancing the scales of justice

Within the definitive powers

To bask in the inner strength

Of the ultimate of spiritual



Within the power of femme...


Author: Kimmy Jean

Copyright 2004