The Raven

Soaring above mountains high

Coasting along lakes of blue

Glistening ebony black

Luminous in the suns hew

Breathing whispery legends

Of evil forewarning

Famous through times end

The bird of immortality

Mythical while numinous

Graced through perspicacity

With insight of centuries

Marks its marvel in stories

Spoken in history past

Flyer of all moments of year

Nesting his domicile above

Sight through two visions

Flying amid light and dark

Connecting the Land and Sky

Dominions of Life and Death

Its caw resounds in skies

Known as the trickster

Understanding of all around

Bandit of sun and moon

Placing them in the heavens

In flight of reverence and truth


The Raven...

Author: Kimmy JeanŠ