Savage Love

The fires of love
Is what causes hardships;
The labours of love
Is what allows heartache

The vulnerability of love
Is why we fall over the edge;
And the risks of love
Is what in fact makes man bitter

We wonder why we are standing here,
Feeling so very alone
When the truth is, it is our own fault

We let love break our walls
We will wonder why we hurt so deeply,
Why we are feeling so very defeated
When in fact it is our own fault

For we have loved with such loyalty
Only to be betrayed

Because love is a fire;
If it does not warm us, we will burn in it,
And love must be nurtured;
If it is not kept alive, it will see us to our deathbeds

Love is vulnerable;
If we do not strengthen it, it will break like glass,
Love is life's most dangerous risk;

For if one may have love, one must someday lose it

Author: Mark Collins


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